DgiStreamer Beta Program

We are pleased to announce the beta programme for DgiStreamer V 0.1.0, in which we have worked for better compatibility between the GStreamer runtime and our platform to grant the user an exhaustive list of nodes, to power the creation of their pipelines.

Totally new DgiRemote Application, written in Rust to allow a smaller application size and footprint improving the integration with the GStreamer runtime.

Since GStreamer is also used in small IoT devices, for different kinds of video applications, we decided that making the application on top of the NodeJs Runtime was requiring a big bundle size and an advanced operating system backing the application. With the new Remote we keep ourselves open to future improvements enabling us to have big optimization opportunities.

Automatized DgiRemote installation

We have added a button in the app menu to automatically detect the target machine architecture, and download the correct version of DgiStreamer remote to execute the installation. (Note: currently DgiRemote support only Linux Machines)

New system to allow synchronization with target machine of available nodes

The number of available nodes provided from GStreamer is enormous and evergrowing, so instead to implement each node by hand we provide you with a new system that uses the new version of the DgiRemote Interrogate the target installation of GStreamer about the Node List available on the machine, giving you the exact list of nodes you can use to build your projects.

Better node compatibility system

Using the new information we can extract from GStreamer we improved the node type compatibility system granting users a fast indication if nodes are compatible with each other.

Knew Issues:
  • The old version of stored graphs is not compatible with this the new version of DgiStreamer.
  • We are still working to provide an AppImage version of DgiStreamer Beta.
  • DgiRemote at the current time is not compiled against OSx and Windows.
  • The Sync Nodes buttons and the Install DgiRemote button have to be used when the application is not connected to any remote.