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Connects you with your pipelines

We believe that developing and deploying your imaging/video pipeline should be the easiest part of your creative process. Forget about handwriting pipeline blocks and deployment codes, chasing unanticipated bugs or relying on multiple SDKs/APIs at a time. Let us do the heavy lifting while you focus on perfecting your idea.

Easy to use

With DgiStreamer we have developed an innovative GUI interface tool that supports both the gStreamer and Deepstream APIs, to help you effortlessly build your pipeline and deploying it into any system, i.e., embedded, GPU, CPU. DgiStreamer provides an intuitive way to drastically simplify the task of interconnecting the various blocks of your pipeline no matter how complex the configuration is.

Remote connection

We understand that complex pipelines often need to be deployed on a system that is not available at the developer location. But this shouldn’t stop you from utilizing your pipeline’s full potential on the spot. With DgiStreamer comes a handy remote functionality that allows you to easily deploy and debug on a remote system such as an embedded device. This is done using a deploy target functionality through ssh connection.

Debugging features

Our priority is to provide you, the image processing/computer vision developer, with the most streamlined experience. Keeping your needs in mind, we also include a Terminal integration which allows you to work from the command line just as you are used to.

Network deployment

Deploy your pipelines flawlessly via the web, our tool enable you to run everything through ssh.

Terminal integration

Our tool is fully integrated with your terminal, be free to take advantage of it and improve your workflow without any effort.

Remote Video Debug

See the result of your pipeline remotely, we have created all the tool you need in order to do it.

Get DgiStreamer now and start to create your pipelines